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I accidentally linked my 2 boys together on the parent app....meaning my one son is now assigned as an observer of the other son. How can I fix this? The son that is now an observer can no longer see any of his classes or assignments. I can not figure out how to un-link them.

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Hi @smoores -

When you signed in to the Canvas Parent app, did you use your older son's log-in information?

Your older son should still be able to get to his work on the Canvas Student app or with a browser. Each user can use Canvas using different (assigned) roles -- Teacher, Student, Observer, TA, etc -- depending on the course.

He will never see his courses in the Canvas Parent app as that app only pulls the material which is being observed.

The only way to unlink them is to submit a ticket to your local Canvas Support. They'll need to do it for you (or forward the request to Instructure). How do I get help with Canvas as an observer? 

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