How do I get attendance to grade properly?!

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- attendance is 10 points per class. (That's correct in roll call settings.)

- It is set to reflect as points, not percentage. (Like the rest of the assignments)

- We've had two classes. Each of my students' grade under Roll Call Attendance shows 100/10.  It should be 20/20.

As a result, the students' total grades for the class, of course, is way off.

Any suggestions?

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Hi  @koenekern ​ - This is a topic that has been much-discussed in the Canvas Community. Speaking on behalf of administrators everywhere, there is probably not a week that goes by without a faculty member asking about this very topic.  (Mileage will vary depending on the size of the institution!)  My first piece of advice is for you to look at this page from the Instructor's Guide, and also follow a few of the links within that page: How is Roll Call Attendance graded in Canvas? Roll Call will show as a percentage in the Gradebook.  Period.  To change that to meet the approximate point value that you have set in your course, my usual advice to faculty is to place the Roll Call Attendance within its own weighted assignment group, as outlined here: How do I weight the final course grade based on assignment groups?

As to when this issue will be finally solved, at this point the only thing that I know is that it is on the "radar" for Instructure to fix, as shown on this Feature Idea:  .

Hope this helps a bit!

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