How to allow a student to resubmit an Assignment?

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I created a Google Doc, and did the submission type as an External Tool and used the Google feature, and my student submitted an assignment, but it was done wrong. I want to allow him to submit it again, so I marked it as incomplete. But when he opens the assignment on his end, it just shows the .docx file, and nothing where he can edit what he submitted and submit it again. How do I allow him to resubmit an assignment? I see this page here, but it's not clear on how to enable resubmission.

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Community Coach

 @threehappypengu , greetings! As long as the "until" date isn't past, the student can technically submit as many times as they want. There is actually no way to limit the number of assignment submissions other than closing the assignment with the "until" date. If the student isn't seeing the ability to submit their assignment, I'd check to make sure the Until date hasn't passed and then that they are using an updated version of Chrome or Firefox. If this doesn't seem to fix the issue, then I'd have the student submit a Help ticket in Canvas (click on the Help link and Report a Problem). I hope this helps!


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