How to improve academics of Slow Learners?

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Slow learners are not much active in class room academic activities.Suggest some remedies to make them fast learners.

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Hi  @asrao2k14  

There is no simple answer to your question, however....................

First things first. A significantly large percentage of the members of this community are teachers, and many of them are K-12 teachers. I strongly suspect that most, likely all, of them are offended by the reference "slow learners". I, personally, would hope that you edit your question to remove that offensive label.

Your best bet for ensuring that all your learners experience an equitable opportunity to achieve the learning outcomes of your courses would be to apply Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to your course design and instructional practices.

The most respected site for learning about UDL is CAST where not only are the guidelines well explained, but also includes lots of examples of best UDL practices.

Universal design practices will help ALL of your students succeed, and the online learning environment is especially good for practicing UDL.


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Hi  @asrao2k14  Welcome to the Canvas Community. 

One of the many reasons why I love Canvas is that it can cater for learners with so many different needs - all at once. 

Using Canvas to help differentiate for all of the needs and passions is a game changer for many teachers. Just today I heard a teacher say "I'm converted" when she realised that a child who struggles with learning can use Canvas in an alternative way to their classmates even at the same time. 

As  @kmeeusen pointed out time spent designing is super important. His resource link is great. 

Here are a few K-6 ideas that can easily be modified to suit learners with different needs:

 Invigorating English – Encouraging Writing Within Canvas K-6  

When Magic Happens. Students experience as editors in Canvas. 

Differentiation and Personalised Learning 

Assessment and the little people - Part Two 

Happy to help with any other ideas. 

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