I noticed something odd yesterday...

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and I wasn't looking in the mirror;-)

I was setting up a test environment, in a course, and created a dozen dummy students, enrolled them into the course, and then masqueraded as each (accepting the 'join course' notification for each) with the intent of submitting an assignment.  What was odd, was that when I accepted to join the course, for some, I was taken into the course, but there was no assignment showing under the TO DO section, and for others the currently due assignment was showing under the TO DO section.  I used the same users.csv file to create these dummy accounts and all fields were filled with the same type of required data.  *I'm thinking that since the assignment was due for each of these dummy students (in two days), that all of them should have seen an entry under TO DO once they accepted the invitation to the course.

Anyone have an idea why some students were treated differently from others?

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