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I would like to set up a quiz or survey where students see feedback as they answer questions. My plan is to deliver one question at a time and offer students guidance about revising their writing based on how they respond to the questions. I am using the "old" quiz engine. 

Is this possible? I looked in the guides but could not find anything. Thanks!

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Hi @dhulsey 

I haven't chatted with you for awhile!

If you have searched the guides, then you know it is not possible with either versions of the quiz tool. I do have a rather clumsy work-round that might work for you, but it will not allow for individualized feedback.

You could add a text-only quiz item that follows each question item. In that text-only you could provide general feedback for how the question should have been answered. But again, it could not be personalized.

You could create or support an Idea Conversation for this feature to be added to New Quizzes - they are no long making changes to the legacy quiz tool.

Otherwise, I hope life is treating you well!


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