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LTI tool to generate sections?

I've had an idea, and I wonder if there's a wider demand for it.

Our students are enrolled onto a course in a section, which is managed by our SIS integration. When it's a big course and it comes to marking assignments (anonymously), there are often multiple teachers who need to share the marking workload, often by a simple workload model of Teacher A marks 60% of the submissions, Teacher B marks 20% and Teacher C marks 20%. To help with this, we often create additional sections to represent the distribution of workload (e.g. Teacher A can then view only their 60% of submissions in SpeedGrader). We do this on request via SIS import - it's a bit faffy.

It would be great if there was an easy way for teachers to generate sections themselves when they need them, and I think developing an LTI tool is the way to achieve this. Would such a tool be of value elsewhere, I wonder? 

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