Limiting Attempts on SCORM assignments (especially Captivate)

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Hello there!

We're using some SCORM files from a third-party content provider. Our institution would like to learners to pass these courses with an 80% on the exam and limit them to 3 attempts.

We've noticed that when exam attempts are limited to 3 in the course authoring tool (Storyline, Rise, Captivate) that it doesn't play well with the SCORM LTI in Canvas. Canvas doesn't seem to recognize the exam limit in the SCORM file, so you can take the course infinitely. Canvas will only record the highest score.

We got our content provider to get creative with the SCORM settings, and if they limit the course to a single attempt and set it to bookmark on the results screen, we can limit users to a single attempt if we also set the submission attempts in the Canvas assignment settings to Limited/1. Then, we create a Mastery Path to open a second or third attempt to learners if they score less than 80%. That's how we get to our 3 attempts.

If Storyline files are set to either Passed/Failed or Passed/Incomplete, this solution seems to work well enough, even if it's a little cumbersome.

However, Captivate courses mess with the Mastery Paths feature because they send a score to Canvas with every page view. In other words, as soon as a learner begins the course, it starts sending Canvas a 0% score with every page few and makes the next attempt available in the Mastery Path. It's super confusing to learners.

Does anyone have either suggestions for how to fix our Captivate issue, or a better idea for how to limit exam attempts to 3 when using SCORM Assignments? We may have 1500+ people in a class, so solutions can't be administratively time consuming.


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