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As I’m sure you all know, the new rich content editor (RCE) will be the default starting on June 20, 2020, as announced by Instructure.

The rich content editor is the formatting toolbar visible whenever you add or edit content in an Announcement, Assignment, Discussion, Page, Quiz, or Syllabus in Canvas.

Canvas Admins have the ability to enable it on each of our institution sub-accounts right now if we want. Additionally, faculty have the ability to enable it on any course where your institution has allowed it as an option. For my higher ed institution, we’re going to enable it as the default for all our courses at the start of the Summer 2020 semester.

That being said, we’re starting to build awareness of the new RCE to our faculty and campus community and I put together a new shareable help guide linked below. The help guide includes a list of 9 FAQs to learn how to use some common features of the new rich content editor. For each of the FAQs, there's a link to both the Instructor Guide and Student Guide followed by a short animated GIF to demonstrate what it looks like in the new RCE.

New Rich Content Editor FAQ 

Download the raw GIFs (~127 MB)

In a nutshell, here is what the current (and soon to be old) rich content editor looks like…

Old rich content editor

Here is what the new (starting in June 2020) rich content editor looks like...

New rich content editor

I really appreciate the streamlined look and functionality in the new RCE .

If you find the help guide above helpful, please feel free to share it (or rewash) at your own institution! 

Banner Photo by Crew on Unsplash

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