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Notifications for @ Mentions Not Working

Hello, As the heading say, my Notifications for @ Mentions are Not Working.

I checked the guide for solutions. Also, I confirmed my notification settings are marked (ticked to receive a daily summary) and they are--in both my global as well as course sections I teach. And my email address in my settings looks good (star, not any red flag or exclamation mark). I get Canvas notifications fine for other things, like my message inbox.

Separate issue probably, but weirdly when I try to type a mention to @ somebody on my end the drop down appears but then the feature breaks when I click on any of the available names--i.e. the mention to auto-complete either does not auto-complete anything and leaves nothing or only whatever letters I manually typed.

So it seems something is going on wrong w/ the @ mentions on both ends of the user experience.

Sys., etc: Microsoft 365, updated Firefox desktop browser w/ blockers turned off and cookies allowed

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