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Office 365 and ADFS

Just wondered if anyone had managed to configure Office365/Canvas for single sign on?

I'm not even sure where to start on this.

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Community Champion

We have it configured if the student is on campus. It looks to see who is logged into the computer and will sign them into OneDrive with they click the login button and provide their email address.

That's just how our Office 365 accounts work within our Windows environments. I'm not sure if there is way to provision the single sign on within Canvas itself.

Community Team
Community Team

 @nthirlby ​, I've shared your question with the Canvas Admins​ group to see if they have additional guidance on configuring Office 365 for SSO. Have you made progress independently on this, and if you have, would you take a moment to share your remedy with the Community?

Hi Stefanie,

Unfortunately i haven't made any progress on this.

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @nthirlby ​, I'm also going to share this with the Canvas Developers​ group in Canvas to see if they can help. They normally manage/program the single-sign on stuff so maybe they can help!

Also, have you tried asking your CSM if they have any resources or recommendations for this? I know ours has been very helpful in the past with getting us connected with resources, information, and/or people who can help us when we're trying to do something extra.

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We're investigating using Canvas (currenlty have no LMS, we're a Renweb/Office 365/Windows school).

Those of you with Active Directory environments, could you use LDAP?

Configuring LDAP and Canvas Authentication

We're using LDAP for our Follet/Destiny hosted library card catalog and it works well.

We're also using Active Directory Sync to update Office 365.

I can answer more questions if you have them, and point you to docs I used to get LDAP working for us with Follett.


We haven't a need for syncing our local AD's with O365, we just require single sign-on between our email and Canvas.

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @nthirlby ,

Did you see the most recent Canvas Production Release Notes (2016-04-23)​.  It discusses Microsoft Authentication.


Thanks Robbie,

One thing i don't understand is the following statement;

"...the provider’s authentication login credentials must be added to each Canvas user’s account through API or SIS import. (Currently there is no support for adding user credentials through the Canvas interface.)"

I understand that the credentials at Canvas must match the ones at Office 365 but i don't think there's a option to use the API or SIS in Office 365. We don't export from our MIS (SIS) to Office 365.

Hi  @nthirlby ​,

what that means is that you need to use the SIS import (CSV file) or the API (JSON) to add the Microsoft user name for the users to Canvas.  This is as opposed to say Twitter where the user can go into their profile and add it themselves.  The end result is that the user authenticates to Canvas using their Microsoft account, they just didn't configure it themselves.