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On speedgrade, is there an icon, etc. that we (instructors) can see that let us know that the student upgraded their assignment before the due date but after we submitted a grade for it? :)

The following question/comment is also for the creators of Canvas (Thank you to all of you!) as a potential future revision to Canvas. Smiley Happy Smiley Happy  

As instructors, when we are using the "speedgrade" feature in Canvas, is there anywhere on the speedgrade page (such as a particular icon we can look at) where we can see that a student updated (re-submitted) an assignment (before the due date) after we already provided a grade for that student on that assignment (before the due date) so that we can tell that the student updated their submission (before the due date) and that we need to re-grade that assignment and update the student's score accordingly? I know of one case where, to my knowledge, a student taking a course from another professor re-submitted before the due date but felt challenged trying to get the professor realize that they re-submitted before the due date and, therefore, needed their assignment to be re-graded. If there is no such feature in Canvas as of now, creating it could potentially help students and the instructors alike. Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Thank you! Smiley Happy  

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