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I'm a Physics teacher and I'd like to design homework assignments for my students similar to what I experienced in college physics.

I'd like an assignment that mimics a homework handout. As if I handed each student a piece of paper with 10 questions on it.

The students can work on whatever problem they want to, they do not have to go in numerical order. The students can check their answers one question at a time. It'll tell them if they got it right or wrong. If they get it wrong, they can resubmit the answer until they get it right. I'd like for it to also work for questions that have multiple answers, and it would tell them which part they got wrong. And, Canvas would grade this as a single HW assignment after due date has passed.

Issues I've had finding a method to make this work...

1) Students can't work on question problems in any order they want to.

2) When students hit submit in multiple fill in the blanks, it won't tell them which blank they got wrong or right, its only all wrong or right.

3) THIS IS THE BIG ONE: With Physics HW answers, there are a ton of different acceptable answers. For example... 3.0 m, 3 m, 3.01 m, 3m, 3.0m ect... (There might not be a logical answer for this, just suggestions)

Thanks for help/advice

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