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PowerPoint and Voice Overs


I often create PowerPoint presentations and then narrate them.  This replaces a classroom lecture.  I used to use  I'd upload the PPT presentation to Brainshark and then narrate each slide.  I'd place the URL to Brainshark on Canvas so that students could open my Brainshark PPT from Canvas and watch the PPT presentation while they listened to my explanation.  This worked very well until Brainshark eliminated this free service.

They recommended that I use YouTube.  Unfortunately, with YouTube it is more difficult to narrate a PPT slide by slide and for students to control the presentation.

Does anybody have a suggestion how I can do this on Canvas?  I can narrate a PPT but when I upload the presentation, I lose the voice over or narration. Any suggestions for creating PPT presentations and recording voice over or narration?

Sandra Rios

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Community Coach

Hi  @sandra_rios1 ​...

Have you looked into VoiceThread: Conversations in the cloud​?  I've not used this tool myself, but looking at their website, it seems like this might be an option for you.  I'm pretty sure there is a fee to use it, but it may be worth at least checking out to see if it meets your needs.  In addition, there is an LTI integration with Canvas: VoiceThread: Edu App Center.  There may be other tools available to do what you want, but this is the first one that came to mind for me.

Hope this helps!

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Hi, Sandra! Office Mix,​ a free PowerPoint add on from Microsoft, will do what you are looking for, I think. It also supports built in quizzing that reports to the Canvas grade book: Setting up Office Mix with Instructure Canvas.

I hope that helps!

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Hi @ @sandra_rios1 

A very simple approach is to record your screen while you explain your power point. You can use tools such as Jing or Quicktime if you use a mac. It enables you to record your screen and your voice and then convert the file into a video.

I have a mac so I use Quicktime for this purpose. What I do is the following:

  1. Upload the presentation in Google Drive as a presentation
  2. Start the presentation
  3. Open Quicktime and start a screen recording. You have to set up the recording preferences so you record your voice during the presentation.
  4. Once you’re done, use Quicktime to trim the video
  5. Decide to uplod the video on Youtube or in another platform

Another resource is this video from Rob Power on how he turned a ppt presentation into a Youtube video: Turning PPT Presentations into Videos - YouTube

Hope this helps.


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I made the following Stupeflix video by exporting PowerPoint slides and importing them into the Stupeflix app.  There may be a question of ADA Compliance, so you might have to record "slide descriptions" and then your "slide content" for each slide.  I would put that as a separate "Audio Enhanced" version of the presentation.  *Stupeflix is a completely online app and it works with a Chromebook.  You can also use "Text to Speech" for a slide, so you don't have to record the audio, if you would prefer to have a digital voice speak for you.  **You might even create an alternating male/female image for each slide, and choose a female T2S voice for the female slides and a male T2S voice for the male avatar.  This is a little extra effort, but would provide a slicker presentation.

Stupeflex Presentation - College 103

Jing and Snagit are the low-end Techsmith apps that you can use for screen recording, but they work great, and I think it is Jing that the Canvas Help Desk uses often to illustrate some function to Canvas users.  But, I've also started using "Screencast-O-Matic" recently and like that interface for recording a narrated screen capture.  I also like that I can go back and edit the video, removing dead air, re-recording audio over a selected area, etc. to make it a bit more professional.  *A Stupeflix video plays well on a smartphone, as long as you don't have a great amount of detail on each slide. 

Stupeflix presentations embed easily in a Canvas page.

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There may be a more direct option to use your PowerPoint if you have already added narration so that you don't have to re-narrate the show in an alternate program.  Take a look at this article: How to Save a PowerPoint as a Video | SUU Help Center

I am very new here.  Starting my first course today.  I use a lot of the Adobe programs and am wondering if they are used at all here or compatible ???

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This sounds totally awesome !!!

If you find out how to do it, can you send me the instructions ???



I know this thread is old, but fyi, if you are on a Mac and you record narration over your PowerPoint (this is indeed an option), when you save it as a movie file, it does not save the narration with it. VERY frustrating.

As someone else mentioned, I use Quicktime to do a screen recording while showing the PowerPoint. Other options are Jing or Screencast-O-Matic, both free.

It doesn't work for Mac, just so everyone knows!