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Quiz Group/Question Title in downloadable file

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Greetings everyone!

I have several quizzes where I have grouped questions according to a learning outcome and I the group is named that learning outcome. For example, let’s say I have 20 questions, 5 LOs and 4 questions per LO. So I create 5 groups and name them LO1, LO2, etc. The issue I’m having is when pulling the quiz statistics either with student or item analysis I only get the question ID or question title. This occurs if they were grouped or individually named. I think New Quizzes may solve this issue, but my institution is not currently supporting it. Is there a way to grab that group title as an extra column of data to accompany all the other information?

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@wjbyrd That is a great question, but unfortunately, because the actual question groups are not part of a quiz submission, but are mainly used for creating the quiz, they are not available as part of the Quiz Statistics (since the statistics are drawn from the submissions). 

You may want to consider including the Learning Outcomes in the question titles to make your statistics easier to analyze.  Adding LO1 or LO2 to the front of the question title wouldn't make the titles much longer and they would be easier to identify.  Additionally, you could add the learning objective to the actual question content.  This would help students see and understand the objectives being assessed by a particular question.

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