Quiz images appear as big locks even though the permissions are unlocked.

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I have prepared a quiz on CANVAS.  The first student accessed the quiz and all of the images appear as big locks, rather than the images I embedded into the questions.  I tried to follow the instructions provided to ensure that the images were "published" so that the students could "see" them, however when I check the quiz in STUDENT VIEW, they still appear as big locks.  I currently have students trying to take the quiz within the time limit provided, but cannot since they cannot see the images for each question.  Please help!


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Are the images in a folder within Files and is that folder perhaps set to be locked?  Check the published state of the Folder in addition to the images.

Another possibility is if you have the images in a module and the module is unpublished, those most restrictive settings apply so the images will not be available in the Quiz either.  I think the same holds true if you have the images on a Page and the Page is not published too.


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