Resetting grades in an assignment and/or quiz

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I did a search on Canvas and seem to can't find a topic related to resetting the grades (not the topic I was looking for...). 

I copy a quiz by sending a copy to myself in the course or from another course.  This is a twice a week virtual check in "quiz" (virtual 2x a week).  For some reason, the quiz still retains the grade that it was copied from.  I would like to clear (reset) all grades in that specific quiz from 1 point to nothing (the "-"). 

I did try changing the data by removing the points and the gradebook shows that their submission needs grading, when they haven't done anything because the open and due dates are not available until a few days later.  Students go into the "quiz" to check that they are in, only to find out that they "did" the quiz, when they haven't. 

So basically resetting the points to "-" on basis of assignment open/due dates. 

Thanks, Joanna

P.S. it would be great if we could copy assignment and quiz platforms conveniently, otherwise I use my Sandbox. 

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