Resetting the given rubric in an assignment

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May I know if it is possible to clear the given rubric from a student?  Like if I have accidentally grade a student A with the rubric, but this rubric grades was suppose to be for student B.  Therefore I would like to clear the given rubric of Studnet A.  But somehow I can not find how to do so.  Anyone knows if it is possible?

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Hello  @ctmay ‌, while you are in speedgrader, open the rubric back up (click "view rubric") and delete the values in the score portions.  This should return them back to the dash line "-" indicating no score and then you can submit that so you are back to a blank start.  It will tell you that you have an "invalid score" but it will work okay.

You also should be able to just open up the rubric again and rescore it and resubmitting without deleting the scores too.  I just tested it on an assignment and it let me both rescore the rubric and delete out values.

Hope this helps!


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Hi Ofelia,

I have submitted a ticket last time and they suggest me to first hide or mute the assignment grade first.  Then edit the rubric and uncheck the option "Remove points from rubric".  After that you should able to clear the point of the rubric section from Speedgrader.

After all set, just edit the Rubrics to check "Remove points from rubric" again and unmute or post Grades to student.

Hope this information  helps.

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