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Student submission HTML files

My students are uploading files as part of their assignment from their Google Drive.  For some students, there is so issue.  But for other students the message I get says "This file contains HTML and cannot be previewed. Please download to view." So I try to download the file, and I still cannot open or view the file.  I checked share settings and watched the student upload the file.  Everything seems to be working.  Any ideas on why I cannot get some students' files? The students end up sharing the files with me through Google drive. 

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I have a similar question!

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Hi @ldorman87 and @peg_hart 

Others have had a similar issue going back to August of 2020.  You can read their posts here, tho I did not find a solution. This file contains HTML and cannot be previewed. P... - Instructure Community (

I did a quick Google search, and the issue may not be with Canvas, but with Google Drive. I found a similar issue posted to Google's forums. 

Files submitted through Google LTI 1.3 result in HTML files - Assignments Community

Their solution was to change the share permissions in Google before submitting to Canvas.  It might be worth a try.