Students cannot see Outcome scores in Learning Mastery Gradebook

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We ran into a problem recently where Canvas isn't displaying Outcome results to students in the Learning Mastery gradebook. Here's a detailed report - I'm curious if anyone else has run into this. We've already opened a ticket with Instructure because it's not a course or account configuration issue:

Description of Problem
A course has the Learning Mastery and Student Learning Mastery Gradebook enabled. The teacher has imported Outcomes and attached them to Assignment rubrics. There are five alignments with rubric scores. 

The teacher Learning Mastery Gradebook shows the aligned rubric scores. The teacher can also confirm these exist in the Individual gradebook when looking at a student record.

Students have the Learning Mastery tab visible but do not have alignments shown in their Individual Grades view.

If a student opens a single assignment, they can see the rubric score in the Submission details:

Expected behavior
Students would see their rubric scores in the Individual Gradebook view.

Actual behavior
The Individual Gradebook View reports there are no assessment results available for the assignment alignments.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Enable the Mastery Learning and Student Mastery Learning gradebooks in a course.
  2. Import outcomes into a course.
  3. Create an assignment and attach a rubric.
  4. Use Find Outcome to align an imported Outcome to the rubric.
  5. Assess a student submission with the rubric.
  6. Either sign in as the student or masquerade as the student and navigate to the Learning Mastery individual grades view.

Other notes

  • Calling outcome rollup scores for specific student IDs is successful when calling from a teacher account.
  • Calling outcome rollup scores with the `self` parameter (as if the student were calling their own report) results in an empty response.
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Updating (and closing) this thread:

We received an update today that Instructure had pushed a solution to Canvas. After checking, our students can now see alignments and their scores in the Learning Mastery Gradebook! Glad they got it worked out quickly.

My solution above still works, but it's now irrelevant.

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