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Hi everyone,

Hope you all are well and safe.

I have one question about BigBlueButton. Can students see each other in the conferences when they turn their cameras on? Or only the teacher? I always assumed they could see each other. But some students told me that they could only see the teacher and not each other. 

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Hi  @belen_rojas  and  @pmcelwaine . Because of the dramatic increase in usage of Conferences, BigBlueButton (the default Canvas Conferences provider), has temporarily turned off the ability for students to see each other's webcam feeds. The instructor/presenter and any moderators can still see the students camera feeds. This was done to prevent the students from having a degraded conference experience based on too many camera feeds being sent to every other student in the conference.

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I tried with a few of my students putting them all as moderator and it

worked, this was a test with only 3 other students, not sure if I'm

limited putting students as moderators though.

Thank you for getting back to me!!

Hope you and your family are safe and doing well!


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Hi Adam,

How to turn off the ability for students to see each other's webcam feeds? Moderators should still see the students.
Is there any param we can use while calling the bigbluebutton api?
I am using bigbluebutton 2.2 and I need to implement this such that the students dont have a degraded conference experience.



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I'm a student and so wondering if the instructor can see my Webcam without me knowing.

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