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Timing for PROD restore to TEST?


Every 3rd Sunday of each month the PROD environment is being copied over to TEST and you are not able to access the TEST environment where you instead see: "This environment is currently being updated with a copy of the latest production data. Please check back later.".

I have been trying to find detailed information on this service window such as start- and end times but unsuccessful. Our TEST environment has been down for 8 hours now and I wonder if anyone knows how long the service window is? Any detailed information on when it starts and ends?

I have been in touch with support but they give kind of poor answer: "We don't have any timelines associated with the process". 

I would like to argue that such operations should have a clearly defined start and end times if working according to some kind of certified process.


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Hello @MrAdam 

I apologize for the frustration. I don't believe that information is actually shared with Canvas support, which might explain why you were getting generic answers from Support. 

I noticed that THIS guide also lists  *An exact time when the test environment will be overwritten by production will vary for every organization." 

To find some more detailed information on when it starts and ends, you could ask your CSM to check and see if they can shed any light on that. 


Hopefully this helps! 


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Thanks for the link and information. I do understand that restore time can vary based on data size of a customer but what I'm asking for are more details. I mean that if Instructure do follow some kind of standardized framework such as ITIL then the start time and end time must be known.

Further, is there a restore strategy in place to optimize the restore and impact? Such as restore of environments are based on a customer geographical location.

For me it is of importance to know that our environment will be down between i.e. 04.00 CET up until 10.00 CET under normal circumstances. As of now it is a kind "will it be available at all during the Sunday"?

Having this information allows us to to plan our activities but also know when things are not right. Like this Sunday where our environment was inaccessible for more than 48h and was restored after we contacted support.

Think there is room for improvement here in regards to the restoration process. Besides the above I can refer to my idea on respecting the global settings of an environment after an restore.