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Turn off "To Do" and "Coming Up" notifications for some courses

I have my own course and I am a support instructor for other instructors' courses.  I am in their course as a "teacher" role.  I would like to turn off "To Do" and "Coming Up" notifications for the other instructors' courses.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @GeoffreyWheeler -

This isn't possible currently. There is an idea that is open for conversation --  Filter To Do List Grading -- If you feel it matches your need, please add to the discussion and rate (star) the idea.

Community Member

HI @GeoffreyWheeler ,

Depending on the support you give, you might want to change your role from "Teacher" to "Designer." As a "Designer," you can help instructors set up their courses and assignments, but you won't have access to the students' submissions and grades. And, you won't have their students' work show up on your To-Do List.

That is neat feature but it doesn't meet my needs. I would like to be able to turn grading notification (To do) off for some courses that I am a support teacher for.