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Unable to access issuer through Badgr

I'm working with a teacher who is trying to install badgr for her section of a course. The other sections and teachers have been successful in adding badgr and connecting badges in the modules using the shared issuer in Badgr. For one of the teachers though we have uninstalled and reinstalled Badgr several times in her course. Each time when opening 'badges' from the navigation, it asks her to sign in and verify her badge account. She does and then it does not show the Issuer. 

She can see the issuer when she signs into Badgr in a separate page. Also to get the consumer key etc in Badgr there are three instances when she opens privacy and security: Canvas LTI, Badgr for Canvas, and Badgr UI. The only one offering the consumer key is Canvas LTI. 

Does anyone have any suggestions of other things to try? We're at a point the students are already needing to be issued their badges in the course. 

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