Videos: All on One Page or Each on Their Own?

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Hi IDs!

My fellow ID,  @jenny_hopf ‌, and I have been going back and forth on design principles regarding videos. On the one side, you can put multiple videos on one page, and, on the other side, each video could get their own page. We see downsides and advantages to each.

From a UX/learning design standpoint, what do you prefer? If you have any articles about this that you like, feel free to mention in your response.

I want to hear your unbiased thoughts so, for the moment, I won't say what we have discussed or what side I'm leaning towards.

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say!

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Hi  @caroline_foley ‌

I use the following 

  • if only 1 video on a topic  and not much text - use the large option and 1 video on a page
  • if more than 1 video on a topic or lots of text/other use the smaller setting but go to a second page if you need to add more than 4 videos.  This is to prevent too much scrolling. 

I think if you need more than 4 videos its probably a couple of topics anyway an should be on a new page anyway!

I recently came across a teacher who had added  5 1/2 hrs of YouTube videos (21 in all) on 1 page  - tooooo much even when they were small format.


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