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Why do I have more users in Studio than in Canvas?

We have about 1800 students and 200 faculty in our Canvas instance yet Studio Analytics tell me we have 5,921 users. We are paying for 800 Studio users. Why don't any of these numbers come close to matching? How does Studio determine users? I don't seem to be able to get an export to see if there are duplicates from one student having multiple courses with Studio videos.

Thank you,

Karen Matson

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Community Coach

Hello there, @KarenMatson ...

I *think* information in this Guide may help you: How do I view Studio Analytics for users in my ins... - Instructure Community (

In this Guide, there is the following paragraph:

Note: The Number of Users By Role graph displays the total number of users assigned to each role. The sum of the users in the graph may differ from the total number of users in your account if a user is enrolled in multiple courses with more than one user role.

Do you think this helps to answer your question?

I looked at that and that which is how I got to our number of users which is almost 6000 users when we have about 1800 accounts or people in our Canvas instance. That is a huge discrepancy, thus the question of how are they generating that number?


Thank you,


Hi @KarenMatson ...

I think you're going to need to consult with Canvas Support for this I'm not sure what else to tell you other than what is in that Guide.  My guess is that Canvas Support will be able to give you some additional details on how that number is calculated.  If you happen to find out an answer, it would be great if you could post that information back in this thread so that others might learn from it, too.  Thanks!