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We are currently making the move from Blackboard to Canvas. I have an instructor who enjoyed the feature in blackboard where she could leave notes to herself (the instructor) regarding the correct answer to a quiz question.  These notes served as a refresher for the content she would grade in but do not want students to view the content, is this possible in Canvas?

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 @amandataintor , unfortunately, no, Canvas doesn't currently have this feature. Yet, there is a feature idea for this - - that has already been voted on! In addition, Instructure has responded with the following, "Thank you for this suggestion.  We can research this for possible inclusion in our work on the Modern Quizzing Engine. As any implementation or delivery of this feature is more than six months away, I suggest we archive this conversation for now. I have added this idea to my backlog of possible features."

Because of this I recommend commenting on this idea and following it so that way you'll be alerted to any new updates!

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