"Nicknames" in the new UI may be an Admin Nightmare

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As you know, in the new Canvas UI, students can give their Course Cards "nicknames".  This is great for the student, but as an Admin it could be a nightmare.  When I search as an Admin to see what enrollments are listed for a student, the nicknames show up and the true course name is not there. (See attached image.)  I would prefer that Canvas let students change their "nicknames", but not reflect those "nicknames" on the Admin side.

Note: I asked my Canvas Project Manager about an Admin setting to turn this off, and there is not one for students.  There is an option to not allow instructors to change course names, however.  I understand that is a little different from the nicknames situation, though.

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Hi, Kimberly,

There was a bug that came up last release about admins being able to see student course nicknames. However, that behavior should be resolved, as I'm not able to reproduce it in my production environment this morning. Did you take that screenshot this morning?



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