to do list problem

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I like to grade all of my assignments on canvas and then sync those assignments to my schools gradebook with the Sync to SIS option canvas offers. This is great, but I have noticed an issue from it. When I make an assignment that has a paper submission, or even no submission, that assignment will not disappear from my students "To Do" list even when they have already been given a score manually put in from the teacher. This also happens when their is a digital submission, but if a student did it on paper and I put in the grade for that assignment manually, the assignment will not disappear from their To Do list. This causes confusion for the students because it makes them think they have not completed an assignment when they, in fact, have.



Allow teachers the ability to access and edit students to do lists so we can add and remove anything we need to. Also, make is so when the student is given a grade for a certain assignment, regardless if they have a digital upload or not, that assignment should be removed from that to do list unless otherwise indicated by the student. Maybe make a feature in speed grader that is a check box that says (box) - do you want to re-upload this assignment to students To Do List?. When teachers click on that box, that assignment for that particular student will be re-uploaded to the students To Do List.