Canvas by Instructure Release Notes (iOS 3.15)

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In this Canvas by Instructure update, students can add annotations in PDF files for assignment submissions.


Download the Canvas by Instructure app in the iTunes Store. Version 3.15 requires iOS 8.0 or later.


  New Features



Student Annotations

Students can annotate PDF files for assignment submissions within the Canvas app. This feature allows students to create annotations in files such as in-class worksheets before submitting the assignment. Students can open the file either from a link in assignment details or within course files, leave annotations, and submit the annotated file.



Available annotations include highlight, underline, strikeout, squiggly, drawing, free text, and image.


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1. It appears that the saved work is showing up again on previous students whose assignments did not submit. So it saved their work, apparently, because it didn't submit. (Even after having gone through the submission process.) The work from the one student whose assignment actually submitted had been cleared from the original document when she opened it again, so I think it clears it after they submit but only if the submission goes through.

2. Yes, on iPads. They are opening an attachment in an assignment from the assignments list. The document is in PDF format and when they go to submit it, there is no way to change it so I assume the file submission type is also PDF. I do not have a file type constraint on the assignment.

3. Here is my guess as to what's happening: The documents are taking a while to submit, but since there is no submission status bar, students log out before the assignment is submitted and then for some it's gone when they come back and for others the cache isn't cleared when the next student logs in. If there were a submission status bar, like when submitting any other type of assignment, or if it showed up in the list of assignments to submit, perhaps this might solve it?

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