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Canvas Deploy Notes (2019-12-18)

Canvas Deploy Notes (2019-12-18)

Canvas deploys contain code changes that are intended to fix bugs, improve performance, and prepare for new features, but they do not affect customer workflows. These deploys take place every two weeks. Intended changes in workflow are noted in the Canvas Release Notes published monthly.

Deploy notes include notable fixed bugs and additional updates that do not affect user functionality.

Deploy Schedule Changes

In observance of upcoming holidays:

  • The next production deploy will be 2020-01-15 (no deploy will take place on 1 January)
  • Beta deploys will take place as scheduled on 19 December and 2 January; notable updates will be included in the deploy notes published 20 December and 6 January, respectively

Deploy Notes Change Log

Fixed Bugs




Next and Previous month date numbers display a color contrast of 3:1 for the default Canvas interface and 4.5:1 for high contrast profiles.


Paginated page buttons are read to screen readers as page 1, page 2, and so forth.

Account Settings

Immersive Reader Feature Option Adjustment

The Immersive Reader feature option supports the Allow functionality for subaccounts.

Explanation: When an admin set the Immersive Reader feature option to Allow, the feature option did not display at the subaccount level. The only way to enable the feature option for a subaccount was to turn it on at the root account level. Canvas code has been updated to support the Allow option for subaccounts.


Event Section Dates and Dashboard

Calendar events that were originally set to display a different date for each section and later  changed to non-section specific display in the List View Dashboard.

Explanation: When an event was created that used a different date for each section, and the different date option was later removed, the event would no longer display in the List View Dashboard. Canvas code has been updated to retain all calendar events regardless of the section dates option.


Grading Notification and Post Policies

Notification preferences are retained for the email Grading notification.

Explanation: When a user changed the Grading notification via email to never in the notification preferences page, notifications regarding posted submissions were changed to immediately. Canvas code has been updated to retain the preference set in the notifications page.


Student Interactions Report

To view the Student Interactions Report, users must have both the Grades - View All Grades and Courses - View Usage Reports permissions.

Explanation: When a user without the Grades - View All Grades permission viewed the Student Interactions Report, the user was able to view the report even though it included grading information. Canvas code has been updated to require the Grades - View All Grades permission to view the Student Interactions Report.

Deploy Notes Change Log


2019-12-06Deploy Notes Published
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