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Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-01-15)

Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-01-15)

Canvas deploys contain code changes that are intended to fix bugs, improve performance, and prepare for new features, but they do not affect customer workflows. These deploys take place every two weeks and can be tested in the beta environment before the production deploy date indicated in the title of this document. Intended changes in workflow are noted in the Canvas Release Notes published monthly.

Deploy notes include notable fixed bugs and additional updates that do not affect existing user functionality.

Deploy Schedule Changes

In observance of upcoming holidays:

  • The next production deploy will be 2020-01-15 (no deploy will take place on 1 January)
  • The 2 January beta deploy will take place as scheduled; notable updates will be added to these notes on 6 January if needed

Deploy Notes Change Log

Interface Updates


Account Settings

Course Creation Search Fields


In the account-level course creation window, the subaccount and term menus include search capabilities.

Change Benefit

This change allows admins to search for subaccounts and terms without having to scroll and improves accessibility for keyboard users.

Affected User Roles


When a course is manually added at the account level, the Subaccount and Enrollment Term menus include search capabilities. Admins can begin to enter the name of a subaccount and enrollment term and view search results as available.

Account course creation window with search fields for subaccount and enrollment term menus

Login Label Field Removal


The Login Label has been removed from the Account Settings page. 

Change Benefit

This change removes duplication of the Login Label field, which is also located in the Authentication page.

Affected User Roles


Institutions using a customized login label as part of authentication should manage the login label in the Authentication page, as the Login Label field has been removed from the Account Settings page.


Assignment Deletion Confirmation Button Color


The confirmation button to delete an assignment has changed to the Canvas danger-themed color (red) instead of the primary brand color for an account.

Change Benefit

This change helps emphasize to users the confirmation of deleting an assignment, as many users have accidentally deleted an assignment because of the previous button color.

Affected User Roles


Instructors who delete an assignment from the calendar view a confirmation window to ensure they want to delete the assignment. The Delete button is displayed as a danger action instead of matching the primary color of the account. 

Assignment deletion confirmation button color change from the Calendar

New Quizzes

Access Code Masking

This feature is not available in the beta environment.


Student access codes are masked by default.

Change Benefit

This change helps protect the password from students who should not be able to view the password, such as when a proctor types in the password for a student.

Affected User Roles


Users who enter a password for an access code have the password masked in the text field by default. However, a checkbox below the text field can be selected for the user to view the password if needed. When this option is enabled for quizzes, the access code is required to start and resume quizzes.

New Quizzes masked access code




GraphQL Page Addition

GraphQL API additions, changes, and removals can be viewed in the Canvas Community GraphQL API page. The GraphQL change log includes updates regarding GraphQL functionality and can be followed directly for updates.

Fixed Bugs



Event Section Dates and Location Field

The calendar Edit window does not include the Location field.

Explanation: When an event was created that used a different date for each section, and the event was edited from the Calendar window, changes to the Location field were not saved for the event. Canvas code has been updated to remove the Location field from the edit window. The Location field can only be edited from the More Options page for the entire event.

Course Settings

Course Card Image Drag and Drop

Images can be dragged into the Course Card area for upload.

Explanation: When an image was dragged and dropped into the Course Card area for upload, the image was displayed in the browser window with the Course Settings URL replaced with the local file path. Canvas code has been updated to upload images as the course image. Non-images that are dragged into the area display an error message that the uploaded file must be an image.

Link Validator YouTube Links

The Link Validator does not block YouTube videos linked in a course.

Explanation: When a YouTube video was linked in a course and the Link Validator was run, the Link Validator recognized the YouTube links as unreachable external links. Canvas code has been updated to improve the validator whitelist for YouTube links as long as the link includes a reachable URL.


Course Setup Checklist Menu

The Course Setup Checklist can be opened multiple times without requiring a page refresh.

Explanation: When the Course Setup Checklist was clicked after visiting the page once before, the Checklist link was unresponsive unless the page was refreshed. Canvas code has been updated to allow the Course Setup Checklist to open after it has already been clicked in the page without requiring a page refresh.

New Gradebook

Manual Post Policy Comments and Assignment Re-uploads

Comments added to a submission with a manual post policy are not hidden as part of an assignment download/re-upload unless the submissions with the comments have not been posted to students.

Explanation: When an assignment was set to a manual post policy and posted to students, but not all submissions had been graded, any comments that were included in a bulk download and re-upload were hidden in the submissions that had been graded and posted. Canvas code has been updated to confirm the visibility of the submission to determine whether comments should be hidden.


Sync to SIS Button and Closed Grading Periods

Instructors can access the Sync to SIS button for assignments within closed grading periods.

Explanation: When a graded quiz was in a closed grading period, instructors were unable to use the Sync to SIS button in the Assignments page unless the quiz was directly updated. This behavior did not affect admin roles. Canvas code has been updated to allow instructor roles to access the Sync to SIS button.

Deploy Notes Change Log



Added—Fixed Bugs

  • Calendar: Event Section Dates and Dashboard
  • SIS: Sync to SIS Button and Closed Grading Periods
2019-12-23Deploy Notes Published
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Deploy notes are now available for the deploy at the end of January: