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Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-10-21)

Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-10-21)

Canvas deploys contain code changes that are intended to fix bugs, improve performance, and prepare for new features, but they do not affect customer workflows. These deploys take place every two weeks and can be tested in the beta environment before the production deploy date indicated in the title of this document. Intended changes in workflow are noted in the Canvas Release Notes published monthly.

Deploy notes may include notable fixed bugs, resolved fixes in Known Issues, and other updates that do not affect user functionality.


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  • For Canvas Platform Service changes (API, GraphQL, Canvas Data), please see the appropriate page in the Change Log 
  • Other questions? Visit the Canvas Deploy FAQ 


Deploy Notes Change Log


Interface Updates


Account Settings

Page Views Date Filter


Page Views can be filtered by specific date.

Change Benefit

This change allows admins to view a user’s page views by a specific date directly in the Canvas interface.

Affected User Roles


When an admin views the information for a user at the account level, the Page Views section includes a date filter. A specific date can be selected in the filter, which displays all page views for that date.

Page Views with Date FilterPage Views with Date Filter



Final Grade Override Gradebook History View


The Gradebook History documents final grades overridden in the Gradebook.

Change Benefit

This change notes when the Final Grade Override feature has been enabled in the Gradebook and a grade has been overridden by a user with grading permissions.

Affected User Roles


When the Final Grade Override feature option is enabled in a course, Final Grade Override can be enabled in the Gradebook. Any changes made to a grade override display in the Grade History page in the Artifact column. 

Gradebook History Page with Final Grade OverrideGradebook History Page with Final Grade Override


Gradebook History also includes a Show Final Grade Overrides Only checkbox, which only displays grade history changes relating to final grade overrides.

Gradebook History Page with Final Grade Override FilterGradebook History Page with Final Grade Override Filter

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New Rich Content Editor

Embed Toolbar Icon



The Embed tab has been removed from the Upload/Record Media window and displays as its own icon in the toolbar.

Change Benefit

This change allows all users to embed content in the New Rich Content Editor. Previously the Embed option was included in the Upload/Record Media window, which can be hidden by Canvas admins.

Affected User Roles

All Users

The Embed option is located as its own icon at the end of the toolbar. All users can use this icon to embed HTML in the editor. No existing functionality has been affected.

Embed IconEmbed Icon


The Embed option is also located in the Insert menu in the menu bar.

View Menu Fullscreen Option


The New Rich Content Editor supports fullscreen mode.

Change Benefit

This change allows users to view a full screen version of the editor.

Affected User Roles

All Users

The View menu includes a Fullscreen option, which expands the content area of the editor to both widths of the browser.

Fullscreen is not supported for the HTML editor.

View Menu with Fullscreen OptionView Menu with Fullscreen Option
Fullscreen ViewFullscreen View

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Group Import CSV File


Within a group set, groups can be created via CSV import.

Change Benefit

This change allows instructors to create groups within a group set using a CSV as an alternative to enrolling users manually in the interface.

Affected User Roles


After a group set is created in the People page, the group displays the Import Groups button. 

Import Groups ButtonImport Groups Button

In the Import Groups window, the Course Roster CSV can be downloaded as a template for entering group names in the Group Name column. The CSV file can then be uploaded to the group set.

Import Groups WindowImport Groups Window

The Course Roster CSV file will include student information for each student in the course where applicable, including student name, canvas user ID, user ID, login ID, sections, canvas group ID, and group ID.


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External Apps

Placement Management


For external apps, the Placement menu allows placements to be managed individually.

Change Benefit

This change allows admins to manage placements for tool configurations that may have duplicate placement names. Previously configurations could only be managed via the API. Additionally, this change also supports future migration from LTI 1.1 to 1.3.

Affected User Roles


In the Account Settings External Apps page, viewing the Placements menu for an LTI displays the placement and whether or not it is active. Placements can be selected to be active or inactive, respectively. Inactive placements continue to be stored in the interface so they can be enabled at a later date if needed.

App Placements WindowApp Placements Window


At the course level, LTIs still display the supported placements, but the placements may not be enabled in the course.


Fixed Bugs




Inbox attachments are read to screen readers.


Discussion attachments are read to screen readers.

Global Navigation

Global Navigation Links have been changed to buttons for screen readers.

New Rich Content Editor

The Closed Caption/Subtitles legend is read to screen readers.

Account Settings

Subaccount External App LTI Favorites

LTI favorites can be set at the subaccount level and override favorites at the account level.

Explanation: When an LTI was favorited at the subaccount level, the favorite was not applied for the subaccount. Canvas code has been updated to support subaccount favorites and override any favorites at the account level.


Fullscreen Media and Calendar Event

Embedded videos can be played from the calendar.

Explanation: When a calendar event included an embedded video, trying to view the video in fullscreen closed the calendar window. Canvas code has been updated to play the video when opened from the calendar.

Course Import

Images and Blueprint Course Associations

Images are not affected in a course associated with a Blueprint Course.

Explanation: When a course included multiple images, and the course was associated with a Blueprint Course, exporting the Blueprint Course and importing it into an associated course affected all course images. Canvas code has been updated to retain image file links as part of course copies.

Course Settings

Rubric Assessments and Student View

Resetting the Test Student removes outcomes associations and allows the outcome to be edited.

Explanation: When Student View was enabled in a course, and the Test Student included rubric assessment and learning outcome results, resetting the test student did not allow rubrics or outcomes to be edited because the outcome was associated with student data. Canvas code has been updated to remove Test Student data so an outcome can still be edited.

External Apps

Google Drive LTI File Attachments

Supported Google Drive file attachments are rendered in DocViewer.

Explanation: When a supported Google LTI file was submitted in Canvas, some documents were unable to be rendered correctly in DocViewer. Canvas code has been updated to render documents for Google Drive LTI files.


Concluded Course Direct Share Access

Direct Share options are available for instructors in concluded courses.

Explanation: When an instructor opened a concluded course, the Direct Share Send To and Copy To options were not included, though Commons assignment files were able to be shared. Canvas code has been updated to include Direct Share options in concluded courses.

MasteryPaths Removal and Requirements

Conditional requirements do not persist in course content when MasteryPaths is disabled.

Explanation: When Mastery Paths was disabled at the account level or within individual courses, any existing conditional requirements were not removed, and the content was not visible to users who have not met the conditional requirements. Canvas code has been updated to not persist conditional requirements in course content.


Learning Mastery Gradebook Report Sort Order

The Learning Mastery Gradebook Outcomes report sorts alphabetically.

Explanation: When the Learning Mastery Gradebook Outcomes report was downloaded, the report sorted by the user with the most recent scored outcome. Canvas code has been updated to sort content alphabetically by last name first.


Source Code Summary


To view a summary of all code included in the deploy, please see the Deploy Source Code Summary (2020-10-21) reference sheet.




Deploy Notes Change Log


2020-10-15 Added—Pages: Group Import CSV File
2020-10-09 Deploy Notes Published


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Hi, all,

The most recent deploy notes have been published and can be found at: Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-11-04)