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Canvas Deploy Notes (2021-03-17)

Canvas Deploy Notes (2021-03-17)

Canvas deploys contain code changes that are intended to fix bugs, improve performance, and prepare for new features, but they do not affect customer workflows. These deploys take place every two weeks and can be tested in the beta environment before the production deploy date indicated in the title of this document. Intended changes in workflow are noted in the Canvas Release Notes published monthly.

Deploy notes may include notable fixed bugs, resolved fixes in Known Issues, and other updates that do not affect user functionality.


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  • For Canvas Platform Service changes (API, GraphQL, Canvas Data), please see the appropriate page in the Change Log 
  • Other questions? Visit the Canvas Deploy FAQ 


Deploy Notes Change Log


Interface Updates





The Reports page includes the ePortfolio report.

Change Benefit

This change provides a basic account-level report that provides admins with information about all active ePortfolios that reside in the account or a subaccount.

Affected User Roles


The ePortfolio report requires configuration by an admin. Additional configuration options are included: 

  • Include ePortfolios from users with no enrollments
  • Include ePortfolios that have been removed from the account (deleted ePortfolios)

The resulting csv file will have one row per student activity and includes the following headers: eportfolio name, eportfolio ID, author name, author ID, created at, updated at, is public, and workflow state.



User Settings

Observer Removal


Observers can remove students they are observing from their account.

Change Benefit

This change allows users with an observer role to remove observers they have been observing. Previously observers could only be removed via the API.

Affected User Roles


When a user with an observer role views the Observing link in User Settings, any student being observed includes a Remove link. The user can click the link to remove the student from being observed. 

Students can be re-added at any time by using the student pairing code functionality.



Related idea conversationObserver Removal Button - Canvas Community


Other Updates



View Ungraded as Zero Column Headers

When an institution has enabled the View Ungraded as Zero feature option introduced in the Canvas Release Notes (2021-02-20), the column headers in the Gradebook display in bold and all caps. This change aligns the column headers with the style of all other column headers in the Gradebook.


Fixed Bugs



Rich Content Editor

When a user switches between editors, focus is retained in the editor link (Pretty HTML editor or Raw Editor, respectively).

The Raw Editor is available to keyboard users as Shift + o.

The LTI app selection cursor has been updated from a text cursor to a pointer cursor.

Blueprint Courses

File Folder Structure

Folders changed in a Blueprint Course display in associated courses after the course sync.

Explanation: When the file folder structure was changed in a Blueprint Course after the initial sync to associated courses, the folder structure was not updated in the associated courses. Canvas code has been updated to align the folder structure in associated courses. Only folders that contain files are included in the sync.


Zero Point Assignment and Weighted Grading Periods

When a course uses weighted grading periods, assigning a score greater than zero to a zero-point assignment does not affect the Gradebook view.

Explanation: When a course was using weighted grading periods, and a student received a score greater than zero on a zero-point assignment, the Gradebook did not display any scores for any assignments. Canvas code has been updated to not affect the display of the Gradebook when a score greater than zero is given for the assignment.


New Quizzes and Module Items

As part of adding a module item, the New Quizzes option only displays if New Quizzes is enabled for the course.

Explanation: When a user added a module item to a module, the New Quizzes option displayed in the quizzes list even if the course had not enabled New Quizzes. Canvas code has been updated to only display the New Quizzes option for courses that have enabled New Quizzes.


Source Code Summary


As of 17 March 2021, this spreadsheet will be discontinued. Please see the Github repository for all deploy updates.

To view a summary of all code included in the deploy, please see the Deploy Source Code Summary (2021-03-17) reference sheet.




Deploy Notes Change Log


2021-03-05 Deploy Notes Published


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We are anxious to see the new ePortfolio report, since we had to open self-registration for some outside enrollment. However, it is not showing yet on Beta. Will it be available there before the move to Prod?

We don't use pairing codes for observers, we feed parent-observers and case managers to Canvas through our SIS files. Will observers enrolled through SIS see the remove button? I expect some confusion since the relationship will be re-established during the next nightly sync. 

I'm happy about the LTI app selection cursor being changed to a pointer cursor. pointing hand.jpg It's been a long wait, thank you.

Hi there, thought I'd check the New Quiz from module fix in beta. Still finding that if I have disabled NQ from course settings, I am able to create a NQ when creating a quiz from a module. Although when I do go to edit the newly created NQ I am getting an error message as per below. Is this just my instance of beta, or are others seeing the same thing? I'll report it if it is just me.

while(1);{"error":"invalid_request","error_description":"redirect_uri does not match client settings"}


Hi, all,

@straussi we had some configuration issues for a bit but all should be fine now. Apologies for the delay in responding.

@audra_agnelly that button shouldn't display for users enrolled via SIS.

@kirsten_ryall always good to report and check we haven't had something go amiss! Thanks for doing that.

Notes for March 31 are now available: Canvas Deploy Notes (2021-03-31) - Canvas Community