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What is the Canvas beta environment?

What is the Canvas beta environment?

The Canvas beta environment allows admins and instructors to explore new features before they reach production.

The beta environment is separate from the Canvas test environment.

When are new features added to beta?

New features are added to beta on the third Monday every month. Canvas Release Notes are available on the third Wednesday of every month. Depending on the calendar month, the Release Notes may be adjusted by one week. Learn more about the beta release schedule in What is the Canvas Release Schedule?

How do I access the beta environment?

Canvas admins and instructors can access the beta environment by adding beta in their Canvas URL (e.g. The beta environment includes certain limitations as noted in the Canvas guide for each user role:

What happens to my content in the beta environment?

The beta environment is refreshed weekly. Any content added to or modified in the beta environment will be overwritten by content in the production environment every Saturday. Beta is not available for use when the environment is being refreshed.

Although the beta environment is stable and can be used at any time, please note this environment is offered as a courtesy and does not maintain the same availability and uptime as provided for the Canvas production environment.

How do I find out about new features available in beta?

If you want to keep up on the latest beta features in Canvas, visit the Release Notes page in the Canvas Community. 

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