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Portfolium Job Postings

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I am wondering where Portfolium is curating their job postings from or if their search will become more robust soon.  It currently is not listing many relevant jobs when I search and wanted to ask to see if it's worth waiting before recommending it to students or not recommending it and sending them to LinkedIn or other sites. 

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@RachelSalmon Thanks so much for posting in the Community. Currently the Job search function does pull from ziprecruiter.com. Yes, this feed is outdated as we work to improve the current features of Canvas Student ePortfolios, and better serve the needs of students and teachers using the platform.

If you think that the job search function should be improved instead of removed, I would suggest posting your suggestion to our Ideas and Themes area of the community: https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Canvas-Ideas/idb-p/canvas-ideas?sort=&status=new&label=

Hope this helps!

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