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Hello, i'm not sure if ,once my Draft Assignments and my  Project Essay are saved into my files in the proper format ( pdf,paragraf,etc) a good practice to have those docs already saved into my ePortfolio or is enough if i will uplod them from the main submission page,following the guide(blue submission button)?Thanks

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Hello @FlorinMoraru 

I'm not sure if you're trying to upload a file to your ePortfolio or submit a Canvas assignment in a course - or both? You can upload a file to your ePortfolio following this guide:

How do I upload a file or image to my ePortfolio p... - Instructure Community  

You should be able to upload a file to an assignment in your course by following this guide: 

How do I submit an online assignment? - Instructure Community  

Unless your teacher specifically requested you to submit this work on your ePortfolio, I would only worry about submitting assignments to the course directly. The ePortfolio can be an assignment in your course, but usually you should not need to upload files there first - just upload to the assignment. If you have questions about the instructions your teacher has given you, please reach out to them directly for clarification. 

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