How do I view my profile?

You can view your Canvas Student ePortfolios profile and add content, projects, experience, and connections.

Note: The display order of the entries in each of your dated profile sections (e.g., the multiple jobs that display in your Work Experience section) is determined by the end date of each entry in reverse chronological order. If two entries in a section have the same end date, those items will be arranged alphabetically.

Open Profile

There are two ways to access your Profile from the home page. You can click your name in the Overview sidebar [1] or you can click the Me icon in the toolbar [2], and then click the View Profile link [3].

View Profile Header

The Profile Header includes your profile photo [1], name [2], tagline [3], Canvas Student ePortfolios URL [4], and cover photo. 

To export your profile, click the Save as PDF drop-down menu [5]. You can export a one-page summary [6] or a resume based on your entire profile [7].

View Overview and Profile Strength

View Overview and Profile Strength

The Overview section displays an overview of your basic information including your education, work experience, and current location [1] as well as your total number of projects, skills, and connections [2].

The Your Profile Strength section displays the Profile Strength Meter as well as tips to improve the strength of your profile, if available [3].

Add Content

The Add Content section displays remaining tasks to help you complete your profile.

View Work Experience

The Work Experience section displays your current and previous work experience.

Note: Your current position will not display an end date.

View Education

The Education section displays your current and previous educational experiences.

Note: If you are currently in school, your current education will not include an end date by default. However, you can include an expected end date.

Add Skills

Add Skills

The Skills section displays any skills you have added to your profile.

Add Resume

Add Resume

The Resume section displays the resume you have added to your profile or a link to upload a resume.

View People You May Know

View People You May Know

The People you may know section displays people in your networks you have not yet connected with.