Arc...My Two Cents

Community Champion

Hello everyone,

We are working on rolling out Arc for my district and recently I have found myself working eagerly with Arc.  During the time I have spent with Arc I have found several issues or maybe shortcomings with the product.  Not sure is anyone else using Arc has also come across any of the following:

1.   Deleted videos will come back and display in the Arc Media Tool!

- It might take two or three times to delete a video before it really is deleted, sometimes more!

2.  Sometimes when the video ends it will not go back to the first frame, last frame will remain.

- This means that I also need to add an image or something at the end of the video so that the last frame is not the image of a person with an awkward look on their face and mouth wide open.

3.  Once uploaded you can't edit the titled of the video, there is no consistency with the video ending.  It should always loop back to the first frame.

- You can edit any titled after you upload just about everywhere else in Canvas except here so titled video appropriately before uploading.

4.  So users will have access to your Details, Insights and Caption. 

- Yes!   You read that right, this happens only when the student of the course is a teacher in another course.

5.  You cant DELETE or REPLACE a video in a "page"!

- You can delete the page and start over.

- You can switch to HTML, highlight then delete the code.  Switch back and embed again.  

6.  "Ghost" viewers not part of the course will show under Insights.

- Turns out it's Canvas employees, no big deal except I was not aware of this.

- They can't be deleted from Insights, this is an issue when you were working on presenting this video to leaders and no you have two users you have not way of account for (until your reach out to support)!

- As I write this I notice another "Ghost" user has been added.

7.  Sometimes I get the "Media Not Found" page!  I just saw the video two minutes ago? 

-  Refresh the page, but that wont always help.

-  Go "Home" then back to the page and the video is there!

8.  The student app with require the students to login to their credentials, every time they go to watch the video, very repetitive.  I was aware of once but not several times while logged in already?

I love the tool and will continue to promote it to our teacher because it really is a great tool but I do believe a little more work is needed.  

Has anyone experienced any of the above?  Maybe something different that I have not come across, yet!