Canvas Studio Quiz malfunction with YouTube Videos

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Has anyone experienced problems adding quiz questions to YouTube videos? I am helping a faculty member who uploaded her lecture to YouTube and wants to add questions with Canvas Studio. For some reason, every time she adds a question in the video timeline, Studio automatically places the question at minute 0:00. Any clues about what could be causing this issue? 

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Good morning,  @janett_silvers ...

When someone creates a quiz as part of a Studio video, there should be a "+" icon at the point in the video where the instructor would like to place the question.  See the example under the section "Add Questions" in this Guide: How do I create a Canvas Studio video quiz in a course?.  Has your faculty member tried carrying out these steps in another browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome?  If he/she has tried it in one browser, and it is not working, has he/she tried it in the other browser to see if he/she gets different results?  Give those things a try, and come back to this topic to post an update for us...thanks!  Stay safe, and be well.

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