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Hi, I'm a student and for a recent assignment I had to record a video around 17 minutes in length, after finishing recording my video said that it was unable to process. I need help either recovering the video or helping prevent this issue again,  any help or responses would be greatly appreciated. 

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Hi @videonotprocess 

You have asked you question in a global community of Canvas users much like yourself - students, teachers, Admins etc. As such, we only have access to our own accounts and courses and cannot troubleshoot your submission problem.

I would start by informing your teacher of the problem, then likely talk to your school's Canvas Support department. Or you could submit a Canvas Support Ticket after talking to your instructor (you always want to report a tech problem to your teacher first). To submit a tick, click the Help link in the global navigation menu, then pick "Report a Problem.

Good luck,


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