How to get Studio comments to show in the course?

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I am working with an instructor. She added videos to her Canvas Studio library, and then added the comments from there. When she embedded the videos into her course, the comments were not there. 

A Canvas rep suggested that the video has to be added to the course first before the adding the comments, but that's not what it looks like in their guides. Am I missing something?

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The suggestion to add the videos to the course and then add comments I think is correct.  Comments on a video are course specific.  If you add the same video to 4 courses, when you access the video in each course the comments are specific to being made in that course.  The same is true of Analytics I believe as well.  If you access the video from from the main Studio Dashboard I think there is even a drop down where you can select which course to view comments and analytics from.


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Hello there, @tracy_stuntz ...

I assume that you are probably looking at this Guide, correct?  How do I add comments or replies to media in Canvas Studio?  If this is the case, the Canvas rep that you spoke with is correct.  I'm taking a bit of a guess here (because I cannot see your screen to confirm), but take a look at the images (specifically the ones under the "Enable Comments" and "Create Comment" headings) in the Guide that I linked.  In those images, right above the tabs for "Details", "Comments", "Insights", and "Captions", there is a drop-down list which usually defaults to "My Library" ...aka your Studio "My Library".  Were the comments posted to the "My Library" selection?  If the video was brand new in Studio (not yet added to any course), then I think the only option in that drop-down would be "My Library".  Once the video was added to a course, then you'd have another drop-down option for the course.  Since "My Library" isn't technically a course, this would explain why the process you described of commenting first and then embedding the video in a course would not display the comments as you had hoped.  If, after you embedded the video in the course, you posted a comment on the video in the course, you could then return later to your "Studio" button on your global navigation menu, and then you could go into that video and see that the comments you posted in the course should show up within the drop-down list...and not "My Library".  Here's a little bit more information for you to look through: How do I manage comments for media in Canvas Studio?.

I hope this will be of help to you, Tracy.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.

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