My wish list: embeddable channels or gallery view, thumbnails, transferring, re-editing option

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Studio is built on the generic Screencast-o-matic tool, which allows for sharing channels. I would really value a way to share a channel or a gallery or even just thumbnails so I can build a channel or gallery manually myself. This functionality is already built into the SCM tool. It feels like the tool currently just assumes if I share a video from Canvas Studio, I want it large on the screen. 

It would also be really great for users and adoption if SCM and Studio could talk to one another/if videos could be transferred between these two tools. 

Also did I miss it or are you pretty much only able to use the editing tools on a video you make once. After you add to the library (only option), how can i update/re-edit the video. In SCM, a revised edit can overwrite the existing video, keeping the same URL connection. Just being able to easily re-edit really helps. But if I download a video I made in Studio and then re-upload it, I won't have the editing tools to revise my edits--or am I missing something? 

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