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How do you record a screen in Studio on a Chromebook?  Is there a Chrome web store extension?  There is no option to "Screen Capture" on a Chromebook as compared to the same menu on a Windows computer?  I am a Studio admin, Canvas admin and a Google admin, so I have access to change and or adjust settings as needed.  I am not seeing in any of the Canvas Studio guide regarding Chromebook integration or extension for using Studio.

Attached screen shot of recording options as seen from Chromebook.

Recording options seen from Chromebook

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi there.  I don't know if you have solved your question, but there is an idea related to this that you can vote up.  I know I am so disappointed to find that it won't work with our Chromebooks as easily as it other operating devices.  Here is the idea we can vote up:  and I know our district will be weighing in on this!  Good luck. 

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