User/Shared Collections - features?

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Hello -  I have a few questions about the features for the User/ Shared Collections in development.  My general understanding is that it will be possible to share a folder containing uploaded content with a set of people using their email (i.e. Canvas account) and thereby give those persons the ability to post that content to courses using the RCE integration.

But will it be possible to assign the ability to edit the shared content (i.e. title, description, tags, add /edit captions, etc.), and when doing so remove the ability for these persons to delete the media content?  The concern is that if you share your content with a list of persons that someone may delete it in error.  That is undesirable.

We are looking at creating a workflow that involves assigning the capability to create and edit captions within Studio but does not give the permission to delete the actual media. 

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