How do I add auto-generated captions to my media file in Canvas Studio?

Canvas Studio allows you to automatically generate captions for your media files. Automatic captioning transcribes your media file language into a transcript file with 85% accuracy.

You can also upload caption files for your Canvas Studio media or create captions from scratch.

Note: After Canvas Studio Media contains captions, other users can download the transcript of the media.

Open Media

In your Studio account, locate the media you want to view on the My Library page [1], or using the search field [2].

Media that already includes a captioning file displays the captioning icon [3].

To open the media file, click the View link [4].

Open Captions

Open Captions

Click the Captions tab [1]. To request a caption transcript, click the Request button [2].

Request Captions

Request Captions

You can use the Captions Request tool to generate a caption transcript. This tool automatically generates captions for your media with approximately 85% accuracy.

To select the language spoken in the file, click the Language drop-down menu [1].

To confirm your request, click the Request button [2].

Note: You can have multiple automatic caption files per media, but they must be in different languages.

View Queued Caption Request

View the queued caption request.

You will receive an email notification when Studio has completed the caption transcript.

View Caption File

In the Captions tab, the publish status displays [1]. For captions to display in your media, you must review and publish the file.  

To review and publish the file, click the Options icon [2]. Then, click the Review and Publish link [3]. Alternatively, click the caption link [4].

Review Caption File

Review Caption File

In the Caption Editor, make any desired edits to the caption file. Changes are saved automatically.

To publish the captions, click the Publish button [1].

To close the caption editor without publishing, click the Close button [2].  

Manage Published Caption Options

View Published Caption Options

To manage a published caption, click the Options icon [1]. To review or edit published captions, click the Edit link [2]. You can also download [3], replace [4], or delete [5] any caption file.

Note: Canvas Studio caption files download as SRT files. After downloading, you can convert caption files into word processing files on most computers.

Enable Captions

Enable Captions

By default, captions are turned off. To turn on captions in the media, click the Toggle Captions On icon [1].


  • The Toggle Captions On icon only displays if the media has captions.
  • The captions icon is accessible from the Settings menu on screens that are 480px wide or smaller.