How do I get a public link or embed code for media in Canvas Studio?

You can create a public link and an embed code for your media, allowing you to show your Studio media in public websites. You can also disable the public link and embed code in order to remove access to the media file.

This lesson shows you how to get a link or embed code directly from the My Uploads page. However, you can view the link and code when viewing media.


  • Analytics and commenting are not available for media viewed via a shared link.
  • Viewing public links and embed codes is an account permission. If you are not able to view the Links tab, your institution has restricted this feature to all users except Canvas Studio admins.
  • If you want to include comments when embedding media, you need to embed through the Studio LTI tool. Learn how to embed media in Canvas.

Share Media

In the My Library page, locate the media, click the Options icon [1] and then click the Share Media link [2].

Note: You can also share media from the Studio Media Player Options menu.