How do I use Canvas Studio?

A Canvas Studio account allows you to manage all your Studio media at any time. You can view, share, and comment on any uploaded video or audio media file.

When Studio is integrated with Canvas, users with instructor roles can also embed media within their courses.

Media editing and management features are also available. For example, you can edit media, view insight analytics, and add captioning.

Most commonly, Studio accounts are integrated with Canvas and can be accessed through your institution's Global Navigation Menu. However, Studio can also be accessed through a separate Studio site (most commonly for admins). Learn more about accessing Canvas Studio.


  • If your Canvas Global Navigation Menu does not include a link to Studio, and your institution did not provide you with an email to log into the Studio site, you can always access Studio through the Rich Content Editor Studio icon, though full functionality is limited. If you are an instructor, you can also access Studio through the Course Navigation Menu.
  • The Canvas Studio Media Player supports keyboard shortcuts. View the Studio Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts document.

View Canvas Studio

In Canvas Studio, the My Library page displays a Navigation Toolbar [1], Search and Create buttons [2], and filtering options [3].  

All media and media collections in your library display in preview tiles [4]. By default, the most recently uploaded media displays first.

Media that includes captioning displays a Caption icon [5], and media that includes a video quiz displays a Quiz icon [6].

View Studio Navigation Toolbar

To return to the My Library page from any other page, click the Home icon [1].

To view all media that has been shared with you, click the Shared with Me tab [2].  

To view all of your course collections, click the Course Collections drop-down menu [3].

To view your Groups, Conferences, and Integrations, click the Settings tab [4].

Note: The Studio Navigation Toolbar displays at the top of every page.

Search and Sort Media

Your media library displays all of your media and media collections with the most recently added or displayed first.

To sort the files by name, click the Sort by drop-down menu [1].

To filter  by collection, individual file, or captioning status, click the Filter by drop-down menu [2].

To search for a media item, click the Search icon [3].

To create a new collection in the media library, click the Add Collection button [4]. Learn more about collections.

Add Media

Add Media

To add media using screen capture, a webcam, or a file upload, click the Create button.

Edit Media

Edit Media

To view media editing options, click the Options icon.

Learn more about creating video quizzes, annotating a video, editing media, sharing media with users or through a public link, moving media, replacing thumbnails, and deleting Studio media.

View Media

View Media

To view the media, click the media thumbnail.

Manage Media

Media tabs give you access to media details [1], comments [2], viewership insights [3], and the ability to create, upload, or request automatic captions [4].