How do I view the Settings menu in a Canvas Studio site?

If you have access to your Canvas Studio site, you can view your Settings menu. As an admin user, your Settings menu allows you to manage settings for your institution's Studio account.

Sign in to Studio Site

Sign in to Studio Site

In a browser window, enter the URL of your Studio account [1].

In the Email field [2], enter your email address. This is the email address where you received your invitation to create an Studio password.

In the Password field [3], enter your password. If you forgot your password, click the Forgot password? link [4].

Click the Sign In button [5].


  • Studio sites follow a URL structure of [your institution name]
  • If your institution enables Canvas authentication, you can log into your Studio site with your Canvas credentials.

Open Studio Settings

Open Studio Settings

In the Studio Navigation menu, click the Settings tab.

View Personal Settings

To  view and manage your personal settings for auto-captioning and auto-publishing , click the Personal tab [1].

Unless it has been disabled by your district, auto-captioning is set to on by default. To disable auto-captioning for your account, click the State toggle off [2].

Unless it has been enabled by your district, auto-publishing for automatic captions is set to off by default. To turn on auto-publish for automatic captions, click the State toggle on [3].

By default, an email notification is sent when auto-captions are generated. To disable email notifications when auto-captions are generated, click the State toggle off [4].

Note: If a toggle displays as shaded and can't be changed, the setting has been locked by your district.

View Studio Groups

To view information about your groups, click the Groups tab [1].

To view more information about the group, click the group name link [2].

View Conferences

View Conferences

To manage Zoom recordings in Studio, click the Conferences link [1].

To save save your Zoom recordings to Studio, click the Save Zoom recordings to Studio toggle on [2].

By default, Zoom recordings will be saved to your library. To save Zoom recordings to a collection, click the Save to drop-down menu [3], and select the New Collection link [4].

To delete recordings from the Zoom cloud after they are saved to your Studio account, click the Remove recordings from Zoom Cloud after saving to Studio checkbox [5].

To stop saving Zoom recordings to your Studio account, click the Deauthorize Zoom button [6].  

View Studio Integrations

View Studion Integrations

To view a list of third-party applications you have authorized to access Studio on your behalf, click the Integrations tab.  

View Studio Admin Settings Tabs

As an admin user, you can view additional admin settings in Studio Settings.

To manage embedding and captioning feature access for Studio users, click the Admin tab [1].

To view and manage user role permissions, click the Permissions tab [2].

To view and manage developer keys, click the Developer Keys tab [3].

To view and manage users in your Studio account, click the Studio Users tab [4].

To view LTI keys for your Studio account, click the LTI Keys tab [5].