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Studio Release Notes (2024-01-16)

Studio Release Notes (2024-01-16)

In this Studio release (January 16), Studio Quiz Results are updated to generate faster and display additional and more accurate metrics.

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 Updated Features


Item Analysis Improvement

Studio Quiz Results are updated to generate faster and display additional and more accurate metrics.




In the Quiz Results tab, the Quiz and Item Analysis report provides statistics for the entire quiz, as well as for individual items. 



Select the Quiz and Item Analysis option from the Quiz Reports drop-down menu.




Click the Generate Report button to generate quiz results.

Note: There must be quiz data from at least three students to generate quiz results.




The quiz report displays the following statistics:


High Score: highest percentage

Low Score: lowest percentage

Mean Score: average percentage

Median Score: median percentage

Mean Elapsed Time: average time taken to complete the quiz

Standard Deviation: amount of variation from the mean score

Cronbach's Alpha: an internal consistency measure that estimates the reliability of a quiz



The Score Distribution graph displays the total number of students who received the corresponding percentage score.




The Item Analysis section displays the following statistics:


Item Difficulty: measures the percentage of students who answered the question correctly

Mean Earned Points: displays the average point score out of the maximum possible points

Median Earned Points: displays the median point score out of the maximum possible points

Discrimination Index: assesses the ability of an item to differentiate between the highest-scoring and lowest-scoring students

Corrected Item-Total Correlation Coefficient: measures the correlation between a given item and the total score

Answer Frequency Summary Chart: displays each answer choice along with the number and percentage of respondents (students) who selected the answer choice

View Studio product manager, Akos’, blog for additional information!

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